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SP Bakshi English Book PDF Download(2024)

Greetings aspirants You can download the Objective General English Book by SP Bakshi from this post. Toppers also suggests SP Bakshi English Book PDF for SSC, Bank, PO, CDS, NDA, UPSC, CAT, MAT, and other competitive examinations. This book is really helpful for covering general English themes. You can get in-depth explanations of each and every topic pertaining to the syllabus of many competitive exams, such as SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, CAT, etc., in SP Bakshi’s English book. The preparation of this book was overseen by SP Bakshi.

Arihant’s Objective General English by SP Bakshi

Free download of the Objective General English Book PDF by SP Bakshi from the Arihant Publication for competitive exams. The SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, MTA, MBA, UPSC, bank, and other competitive exams can benefit from this book. One of the best books for preparing for government job exams is this one.If we are talking about SSC Exams, English is a very significant subject. In the CGL exam, English accounts for roughly 250+ marks. In the SSC and other competitive tests, very high standards for English are expected. Therefore, a candidate must study English extremely thoroughly, and this book is the finest for preparing for one of India’s most difficult tests. The publisher of this book, “Objective General English SP Bakshi Arihant Publication,” would benefit if you purchase a paper copy as well.

Features of SP Bakshi English Grammar Book

  • One of the most popular English books for SSC and Other Competitive Exam Preparation
  • Objective English Questions as per the syllabus and pattern of Exams
  • Questions from the previous year’s Exam question papers
  • Vocabulary and previous year’s words were asked in various exams.

Contents of Objective General English SP Bakshi Book

“1. ‘Objective General English’ helps in revising & preparing the concepts of English for many competitive exams 2. It is divided into four parts; 3. This book thoroughly covers the General English section asked in a number of examinations 4. Preparation booster for various competitive examinations like Bank, NDA, CDS, SSC, MBA, MCA, UPSC, and B.Ed. Exams, etc Being the global language of English, it has become more than necessary for you to be affluent in the English Language. Whether you are studying, Working, or preparing for an examination, almost all the competitive exams today are incomplete without tests in the English language. Arihant’s “Objective General English” has been the most preferred choice of students for preparing Objective English Questions for Competitive Examination presenting New, and Revised edition of Objective General English, that has been designed with a new approach to fundamental concepts and changing pattern of Competitive exams. It divides the entire syllabus into 4 categories which are further segregated into Units and Chapters. Each chapter comprehensively contains a short synopsis and detailed description of important rules for concept building in grammar. Revision exercises, Exam Practice, and Answers are carried out after every chapter that sets a perfect idea about the question pattern and how to deal with issues that arise during the examination. Apart from covering all the concepts of grammar, this book exhibits tricks & techniques to solve various types of questions.

UNITS –Chapters (Topics) –

Part – A (Foundation Module)

The Function of Tenses
UNIT 2Kinds of Sentences & Clauses
Clause Analysis
Question tags
Non-Finite Verbs
UNIT 3Articles
UNIT 4Adjective
UNIT 5 Phrasal Verbs
Idioms and Phrases
UNIT 6Spotting Errors
Sentence Improvement
Selecting the correct Sentence
Part B – Verbal Ability
UNIT 1Paronyms and Homonyms
One Word Substitution
Words with Meanings
Synonymous and Antonyms
Foreign Words and Expressions
The Sentence Completion
Cloze Test
Part C
UNIT 1 Sequence of Sentences
 Objective Comprehension
Part D – Practical Grammar
UNIT 1Narration
Spelling Rules

Reviews on SP Bakshi PDF

This book is undoubtedly for the new staters, it has a very precise explanation. Combined with explanation videos it will be a great way to learn. So I would greatly recommend this if you’re a beginner. But the quality of the outer cover is damaged, other than that it’s a good product.

“Objective General English” by S.P. Bakshi stands as a beacon in the realm of English language learning. This comprehensive guide is a treasure trove for anyone aspiring to master the intricacies of the English language. With its well-structured content, clear explanations, and a plethora of exercises, this book is indispensable for students preparing for competitive exams, job interviews, or simply looking to enhance their English skills.

Download SP Bakshi English Book PDF

FAQs on Objective General English Book

Which is the latest edition of SP Bakshi’s English book?

The latest edition of SP Bakshi English book: 2023 New Edition

Which book is best for English competitive exams?

1. Arihant Objective General English
2. Oxford English
3. Wren and Martin
4. Lucent English

What are the contents of Objective General English by SP Bakshi?

This General English by SP Bakshi is divided into 4 parts: Read the Full article here
Part A: Foundation Module,
Part B: Verbal Ability,
Part C Sentence
Part D: Practical Grammar

What is the price of Arihant’s English book?

The price of Arihant General English book by SP Bakshi is 230/-

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