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[Latest] Physical Geography book by Savindra Singh PDF Download

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh PDF- The book savinder Singh physical geography pdf is one of the very significant books for the UPSC aspirants, it covers the entire syllabus of the civil service exams and considers one of the best books for the preparation of the physical geography.

Physical Geography Savindra Singh PDFPhysical Geography
Author: Savindra Singh
For: UPSC Geography
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About Savindra Singh Physical Geography PDF

The environmental geography book is very informative and contains all the relevant topics that are required to cover the entire syllabus of physical geography.

PDF Book NamePhysical Geography
Author NameSavindra Singh
PublicationPrayag Pustak Bhawan, Allahabad
Book LanguageEnglish
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  • Book Name –Physical geography by Savindra Singh pdf download
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Savindra Singh
  • Size– 236 MB
  • Page- 719
  • Subject– Physical geography
  • Language– English, and Hindi
  • Publication-  Prayag Publishing

Reviews on Physical Geography Book

The book is very informative and contains all the relevant data you need.There are also brief diagrams or pictures for your reference in the respective topic.
The quality of the paper or the cover of the book is not so good so should be handled light.

This books is regarded as the Bible of physical geography by UPSC aspirants. It covers the entire syllabus of UPSC geography optional Paper – I (Physical geography section).

Physical Geography Book Content

  • Nature of physical geography
  • Origin of the earth
  • Age of the earth
  • Structure of the Earth’s interior
  • Continents and ocean basins
  • Theory of isostasy
  • Earth’s movements
  • Rocks
  • Vulcanicity and volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Mountain building
  • Plateau
  • Plains
  • Lakes
  • Weathering and mass movement
  • Cycles of erosion, rejuvenations, and polycyclic reliefs
  • Drainage systems and patterns
  • Running water (River) and fluvial landforms
  • Groundwater and karst Topography
  • Sea waves and coastal landforms
  • Wind and Aeolian landforms
  • Glaciers and Glaciated Topography
  • Periglacial processes and landforms
  • Relief of the ocean basins
  • Temperature and density of ocean water
  • Ocean tides
  • Salinity
  • Ocean deposits
  • Coral reefs and atoll
  • Marine resources
  • Ocean currents
  • Composition and structure of the atmosphere
  • Insolation and heat budget
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure and atmospheric calculation
  • Humidity and Precipitation
  • Air masses
  • Frontogenesis, Cyclones, and Anticyclones
  • Classifications of climates and climatic types
  • Biosphere
  • Ecosystem and ecology
  • Biosphere: An Ecosystem
  • Plant community
  • Animal community
  • Biomes

Download Physical Geography Book PDF

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