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[Latest] Arihant’s GK 2023 Book PDF Download FREE

Arihant GK Book Free Download PDF- Hello everyone, in this post we will discuss the most important book of gk which is Arihant gk book free download pdf. This Arihant gk book covers the whole year gk with important facts and points. 

Arihant GK PDF 2023Arihant’s General Knowledge 2023
Author: Manohar Pandey
Language: English/Hindi
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Arihant Publication provides a wide range of books for competitive exams. Are you preparing for any competitive exam then Arihant GK Book 2023 is the best reading resource.

Arihant GK Book 2022 PDF free download in English. Arihant Publications General Knowledge 2022 by Manohar Pandey ebook PDF for free download. This small edition General Studies book is very useful for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, and other Competitive exams.

About Arihant GK Book 2022-23

Arihant is one of the Leading competitive Book publishing companies in India, which has published many Books for General Competitions. Arihant General Knowledge Book 2021-22 written by Manohar Pandey pdf download available here.

Book NameGeneral Knowledge 2022
Book LanguageHindi and English
  • Book Name – Arihant GK book free download pdf
  • Author Name- Manohar Pandey
  • Format- PDF
  • Size-  75 MB 
  • Pages-  591
  • Language- English
  • Publication- Arihant publication

Reviews on Arihant GK 2023

Fabulous book.Information present in lucid manner and examples of principles explained are related to real world situations. Highly recommended for All competitive exam.One of the best book in the market .

If you are preparing for competitive exams and want to get a quick grip on GK….. this is the best book at an affordable price. Detailed information on every aspects with plenty FAQs. The print and page quality could be better.

Contents of Arihant GK 2022 Book

Ancient India
Pre-Historic Period (1), Indus Valley Civilisation (1), Vedic Period (3), Jainism and
Buddhism (5), Dynasties of Ancient India (6)
Medieval India
Provincial Kingdoms(11),Mughal Empire (12), Later Mughals and Marathas (14)
Modern India
Advent of the Europeans (15), Governor-Generals of Bengal (15), Governor –
Generals of India (16), Viceroys of India (17), The Revolt of 1857 (19), Chief
National Activities (19)
Art and Culture
Classical Dancers of India (26), Musical Instruments and Instrumentalists (27)

World Geography
Universe (28), Solar System (28), Rocks (31), Landforms (31), Atmosphere (32),
Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming (33), Important Canals and Lakes of the
World (34), Major Islands and Minerals of the World (35)
Indian Geography
India (37), Highest Peaks of India (37), Important Lakes and Rivers of India (39),
Important River Projects and their Beneficiary States (40), Natural Vegetation of
India (41), Soils in India (42), Forests of India (43), Climate (44), Agriculture (44),
Mineral Resources (45), Transportation in India (46), Railways (46), Road
Transport (46), Water Transport (47), Air Transport (47)
Environment and Ecology
Important Sanctuaries and National Parks (49), Biosphere Reserves of India (50)

Framing of the Indian Constitution (51), Enactment of the Constitution (51),
Preamble (51), Important Articles (52), Directive Principles of State Policy (54),
Fundamental Duties (54), The President (54), The Vice-President (56), Council of
Ministers (56), Prime Minister (56), Union Legislature (56), Supreme Court (58),
Comptroller and Auditor General (58)
The States
The Governor (59), States Legislature (59), The Panchayats and the
Municipalities (60), Committees to Study Panchayat System (61), Union and State
Public Service Commission (61), Election and Planning Commission (62), National
Development Council (63), Finance Commission (63), e-Governance and Its
Impacts (63), Parliamentary Terms (64), Constitutional Amendments (64)

Outline of Indian Economy (65), Broad Sectors of Indian Economy (65),
Five Year Plans at a Glance (66), National Income in India (66), Poverty (67),
Unemployment (68), Industries (68), Major Industries in India (69), Banking
and Finance (70), Insurance (72), Census 2011 (73), Economic Terms (74)

Newton’s Laws of Motion (75), Circular Motion (75), Gravitation (76), Satellites
(76), General Properties of Matter (77), Archimedes’ Principle (77), Density (78),
Heat and Thermodynamics (78), Waves (80), Light (80), Lens (81), Human
Eye (82), Magnets (83), Atomic and Nuclear Physics (83), Laser Technology in
India (84)
Physical and Chemical Changes (86), Corrosion (87), Acids, Bases and Salts (89),
Soaps and Pesticides (90)
Living World (92), The Cell and Human Systems (92), Fat Soluble Vitamins (93),
Blood (94), Central Nervous System (95), Some Human Diseases Caused by
Viruses and Bacteria (96), Ecology (98), Biotechnology (98)
Components of Computer (101), Memory (101), Some Commonly Used
Terms (102)

First in the World (Male and Female) (103), Superlatives (104), Countries with
Capitals and Currencies (105), Geographical Epithets (106), Major Newspapers
of the World (109), Religions of the World (109), First in India (Male and
Female) (111), Books and Authors (113), Important Dates and Days of the
Year (114), Abbreviations (115), Awards and Honours (119), Indian Defence (122)

Benefits of the Arihant GK Book

  • The latest edition of the book is designed to serve accurate and error-free information.
  • The book content is presented in Graphics, Figures, and Tables for Better Visualisation and better remembrance.
  • It is designed to help you in all different types of competitive examinations like SSC, Bank, Railways, NDA/ CDS & Other Exams.

Download Manohar Pandey GK Book 2023 PDF

Arihant’ General Knowledge 2023Buy NowDownload PDF

1.       ‘General Knowledge’ is designed as per the latest syllabus 2.        Divided into 6 major sections to give an overview of important subjects. 3.       Supported with Current Affairs to keep you updated of the eventsThe newly updated edition of the book ‘General Knowledge’ has been carefully designed as per the latest syllabus and according to the needs of the aspirants. Divided into 6 major sections, it gives a conceptual knowledge of subjects that are required for almost all competitive exams. Apart from theories of important subjects, the book is also supported with Current Affairs to give a glimpse of the events happening around the world. It is a one-stop solution for all the key competitive exams held in India.TOCCurrent Affairs, Indian History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, General Knowledge

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