[Latest] Indian Army GD Book PDF Download in Hindi/English

The Indian Army offers numerous opportunities for young individuals to serve the nation. One such opportunity is the General Duty (GD) entry, where candidates are selected based on their performance in written exams, physical tests, and medical examinations. Aspirants who wish to join the Indian Army GD must prepare thoroughly to increase their chances of success. One essential resource for this preparation is the Indian Army GD book PDF, which provides comprehensive study material, practice sets, and solved question papers to aid candidates in their journey.

Why is the Indian Army GD book important?

The Indian Army GD book plays a crucial role in the preparation process for several reasons. First and foremost, it acts as a structured guide, helping candidates cover all the necessary topics and syllabus areas. The book organizes the vast amount of information into manageable sections, ensuring that candidates can focus on each subject systematically. By following the book’s guidance, aspirants can ensure they do not miss out on any essential topics.

Furthermore, the Indian Army GD book provides valuable insights into the exam pattern, marking scheme, and question types. It familiarizes candidates with the nature of questions asked in the actual exam, allowing them to develop effective strategies and techniques. The book often includes tips and tricks to solve questions quickly, which can significantly enhance the candidate’s performance in the time-limited exam environment.

Key features of the Indian Army GD book

The Indian Army GD book typically offers a range of features designed to assist candidates in their preparation. It covers all the major subjects included in the GD exam, such as General Knowledge, Mathematics, English, and General Science. The book provides comprehensive explanations of concepts, along with relevant examples and illustrations for better understanding.

Additionally, the Indian Army GD book includes practice sets and solved question papers. These practice materials allow candidates to test their knowledge and assess their progress. By solving these practice questions, aspirants can identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving their performance accordingly. The inclusion of solved question papers also offers valuable insights into the types of questions that have been asked in previous exams.

Top Indian Army GD books in Hindi

For candidates who prefer studying in Hindi, several top Indian Army GD books are available in the Hindi language. These books provide the same comprehensive coverage and features as their English counterparts but cater specifically to Hindi-speaking candidates. Some of the highly recommended Indian Army GD books in Hindi include:

“Indian Army GD Bharti Pariksha” by RPH Editorial Board

  • Detailed coverage of all subjects
  • Extensive practice sets and solved papers

“Indian Army GD Bharti Pariksha” by Arihant Publications

  • Comprehensive study material with easy-to-understand language
  • Previous year’s question papers and practice sets

“Indian Army Soldier GD Recruitment Exam” by Chandresh Agrawal

  • Topic-wise coverage of the entire syllabus
  • Multiple choice questions for practice

Indian Army GD Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Here we publish the official Indian Army General Duty syllabus and 2023 exam pattern.

SubjectNo. Of QuestionsMarksPassing Marks
General Knowledge153032 Marks
General Science2040

Benefits of studying in Hindi

Studying in one’s native language, such as Hindi, offers several advantages. It allows candidates to comprehend the concepts more effectively, as they are familiar with the language’s nuances and expressions. Studying in Hindi also enhances retention and understanding of the subject matter, as candidates can relate to the content on a deeper level.

Furthermore, studying in Hindi reduces the language barrier and increases accessibility for candidates who may not be proficient in English. It ensures that candidates from diverse linguistic backgrounds can equally benefit from the study material and perform well in the Indian Army GD exam.


The Indian Army GD book is an invaluable resource for aspiring candidates preparing for General Duty entry. Its comprehensive coverage, practice sets, and solved question papers provide the necessary guidance and support for effective exam preparation. By choosing the right book and utilizing its features, candidates can increase their chances of success in the Indian Army GD recruitment process.

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