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[Latest] India Year Book 2022 PDF Download

India Year Book 2022 PDF English & Hindi For UPSC 2022 Exam – India year Book 2022 Is Available Now For UPSC Prelims 2022 Exam. India year Book Is One Of The Most Important Book For UPSC Preparation, We Know This is A Bulky Book And We Need to Read To This Book.

If you are preparing for any competitive examination, then you are in the right place. Here you can get study materials related to the various examinations. You can access these materials for free, In today’s scenario where a lot of people are preparing for the competitive exams, the competition is gonna tougher day by day. Most of the aspirants are studying in big cities, where they have advanced and better surroundings, teachers, materials, etc. Then it is necessary to boost your preparation and not to get depressed due to non – the availability of the best materials.

INDIA 2022 India Year Book 2022 PDF

India Yearbook is a very important PDF that covers events and affairs of India for an entire year. It is published by New India Wing Publications which is a state-run publication. here you can download the official PDF book of India Yearbook PDF [India 2022 PDF]

INDIA 2022 Year BookINDIA 2022 Year Book English Medium
Author: Roma
Year: 2022
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Reviews on INDIA 2022 Year Book PDF

Best Book for UPSC Preparation 2022

The book is great. I have the pdf subscription of this website ( ). Contains Proper mapping and layman explanation of each topic.

Download INDIA 2022 Year Book PDF

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  1. The Land and People
  2. National Symbols
  3. Polity
  4. Agriculture
  5. Culture and Tourism
  6. Basic Economic Data
  7. Commerce
  8. Communications and Information Technology
  9. Defence
  10. Finance
    14.Corporate Affairs
  11. Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs
  12. Health and Family Welfare
  13. Housing and Urban Affairs
    18.India and the World
    20.Law and Justice
    21.Labour, Skill Development and Employment
  14. Mass Communication
  15. Planning
    24.Rural Development
  16. Scientific and Technological Developments
    27.Water Resources
  17. Youth Affairs and Sports
  18. States and Union Territories
  19. Diary of National Events
  20. General Information Appendices

How to read India year Book 2022

  • India Year Book is a Govt. of India publication that is a comprehensive digest of India’s progress in different fields. The book contains a large amount of data, facts, and analysis which total close to 1000 pages.
  • Most questions in Civil service exams are based on the book.
  • It will be highly generous if someone can give any advice to cover it with maximum efficiency.
  • I Am Not an Expert in UPSC But I Have Some Knowledge About What types of questions Are Asked in the India yearbook and What Could be Expected from this Book.
  • This book Is very important For UPSC You all Know.
  • India year book is a Bulky Book.
  • You can not read the whole book from Page 1 to the Last Page.
  • You need to prepare a Strategy to cover All important topics Effectively.

Organizations, Govt Schemes Important But Not Their location, Evolution, etc

  • In this, you will Read So Many organizations.
  • Some of them are Important from an Exam point of View And Rest are junk.
  • When you read about any organization do Not Focus on the evolution of the Organization. Just try to Remember the Main Roles and Objectives of that organization, and the agency for Which That was Established.
  • For Government policies and Schemes, Projects, Funds, etc you should prepare a separate notebook.
  • Whenever you read any project /scheme/policy/funds etc always google it or Visit PIB.NIC.In.

Best 4 Approaches To India Year Book 2022| Choose Best Method For You

  • Reading the entire book page by page and remembering the facts by heart: you are doomed from the start and will end up in utter misery.
  • Never heard of or bought this book: a decent approach.
  • Reading only those facts which are in news or not covered by any other source: 2nd best approach.
  • Buying New Vishal’s summary of IYB: nothing beats this approach ( By Roman Saini)

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