Class 12 Physics Notes PDF by Aman Dhattarwal

Class 12 Physics Notes PDF by Aman Dhattarwal | Apni Kaksha Class 12 Physics Notes PDF for Boards | Aman Dhattarwal Physics Notes for Class 12 – Apni Kaksha (Download PDF)

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12

All the physics notes by Apni Kaksha have distributed chapters and cover all the important chapters like electrostatics, magnetism, alternating current, current electricity, and more. These notes are excellent for the revision of the entire syllabus at once.  

Here we provided the direct links to Apni Kaksha Notes PDF in the below table.

Chapter NameNotes PDF
Electric Charges and FieldGet PDF
Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceGet PDF
Current ElectricityGet PDF
Moving Charges and MagnetismGet PDF
Electromagnetic InductionGet PDF
Magnetism and MatterGet PDF
Alternating CurrentGet PDF
Electromagnetic WavesGet PDF
Ray optics and optical instrumentsGet PDF
Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterGet PDF
AtomsGet PDF

NOTE: We have tried our best to cover all the chapters. In case any chapter is missing, please let us know in the comment section below.

How to study from the Class 12 Physics Notes by Aman Dhattarwal?

  1. Simply, tap on the link in front of your preferred physics chapter, (all links are provided above) and you will be directed to the Google docs sheet containing the full, comprehensive notes of that chapter.
  2. For more information, you can check out the official YouTube channel of Aman Dhattarwal for step-by-step instructions and explanations.
  3. Study and revise thoroughly!

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