BSc 1st Year Physics Books and Notes PDF Download

BSc 1st year Physics Books PDF Download: For B.Sc. First-year students here came up with exclusively books and notes to prepare for the examinations and cover the syllabus within the timeframe.

There are many more books available on the market but it is very important to select the right one and this book has some unique features that make it different from others.

Are you looking for BSc Physics notes? Well if so, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the download links to BSc 1st year physics notes in PDF Format.

BSc 1st Year Physics Book PDF Download

The entire content of the book is supported with illustrations, diagrams, and pictures that ease the learning process and help in clarifying and grasping the concepts. The complete chapter of the book is designed according to the latest syllabus of the examinations framed by different universities on the basis of UGC and serves the full purpose of the book.

The one prominent feature of the book is it also comprises previous years’ questions asked in various university examinations, it also helps in understanding the outlook of the paper.

Key features of the books

  • The entire book is divided into two sections: Mechanics, Oscillations and Properties of Matter and Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetic Theory for the delineated understanding of concepts.
  • It is complemented with more than 450 figures for clear understanding.
  • The book incorporated more than 1000+ theoretical and numerical problems to test the knowledge of the students.
  • It is updated and modified based on the latest BSc 1st-year physics syllabus.

About BSc 1st year Physics Book

  • Book Name –BSc 1st year physics book pdf download
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– 75 MB
  • Page- 896
  • Subject– Physics 
  • Language– English

Content BSc 1st Year Physics Book

Section-I: Mechanics, Oscillations, and Properties of Matter:

  1. Mechanics: Laws of Motion
  2. Motion Under a Central Force
  3. Conservation of Momentum and Mechanics of Centre of Mass
  4. Dynamics of Rigid Body
  5. Oscillations: Simple Harmonic Motion
  6. Lissajous’ Figures
  7. Damped, Forced Harmonic Oscillator
  8. Coupled Oscillators
  9. The motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields
  10. Properties of Matter: Elasticity
  11. Fluid Mechanics: Viscosity
  12. Surface Tension

Section-II: Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetic Theory:

  1. Mathematical Background-I: Vector Analysis
  2. Mathematical Background-II: Partial Derivatives
  3. Repeated Integrals
  4. Electrostatics: Electric Field
  5. Electric Potential
  6. Electric Fields in Dielectrics
  7. Electric Currents: Steady Current
  8. Alternating Current (A.C.)
  9. Magnetostatics-I: Force on a Moving Charge
  10. Magnetostatics-II: Magnetic Field due to Steady Currents
  11. Time-Varying Fields: Electromagnetic Induction
  12. Electromagnetic Waves

BSc Physics First Year Book PDF

BSc Physics 1st Year BookDownload Now

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