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[Latest] Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF Download 2023-24

Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF- Hello everyone in this article we are going to provide you with the pdf of the black book of English Vocabulary book. This vocabulary book pdf is one of the best choices for students who are preparing for various government job examinations such as SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, and various others. With a strong vocabulary base, you can improve your English language communication skills as well.

BlackBook of English Vocabulary February 2023
Author: Nikhil Gupta
Language: English/Hindi
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This book contains all the vocabulary asked in previous SSC exams and therefore, it is popular among SSC aspirants. If you go through the previous years’ papers conducted by SSC, you will notice that SSC repeat questions in their exams. Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF is a very useful book, especially for those candidates who are going to appear in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, SSC CPO, and SSC JE Exams.

[New Edition 2023] Black Book of English Grammar book by Nikhil Gupta – Qmaths is very useful for all aspirants of Banking, Railways, SSC, UPSC, and other competitive exams. In this blog, you will get more information about Nikhil Gupta Black Book of English Grammar Pdf with sample questions for practice.

About Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF

This book is particularly designed for those aspirants who are preparing for SSC Exams. Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF contains more than 3500+ important words (Vocabulary) that are already asked in various exams conducted by SSC. Let us have a look at the overview of the Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF.

  • Name of the Book: Black Book Of English Vocabulary
  • Author Name: Nikhil Gupta
  • Language: English And Hindi
  • File Format: PDF (HD)
  • File Size: 5 MB
  • Number of Pages: 112
  • Useful For: SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, SSC CPO, SSC JE Exams

Reviews on BlackBook of English Vocabulary

Great Book, one stop solution for SSC Vocabulary.

Every book give previous year vocabulary. But nobody mention which word is most important.But blackbook is very different from them. It mentions most repetative word in ssc. I develop so much interest for vocabulary after 1 month continuously read this book.

An excellent book for every student and job aspirant. This book gives vocab and phrases of the Govt exams which were asked repeatedly. The quality of the book is also good with 496 pages stuffed with vocab, idioms, one word and phrasal verbs.

Benefits of Black Book of English Vocabulary

  • It covers 3500+ Previous year one-word substitutions (OWS)
  • It consists an 1100 Idioms/Phrases list
  • 4000 Synonyms, Antonyms, Spelling
  • It contains 1000+ important The Hindu Vocabulary words
  • There are 1000+ Root words
  • 500 Phrasal verbs
  • 2100 Special word lists (Phobia/ Latin etc)
  • 100 Practice sets 

Content Of Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF

Part A: SSC Previous Year One Word Substitutions

  • Top 500 most repeated one-word substitutions in SSC Exams
  • 3000+ previous year one-word substitutions asked in SSC Exams.

Part B: The Hindu Vocabulary

  • Top 1000 Vocabulary from The Hindu Newspapers with synonyms & Hindi meaning.

Part C: Special Words

  • List of Phobia
  • List of Mania
  • List of Phile
  • Words for killing
  • Words Denoting Ages
  • Words related to sleep
  • words denoting places
  • List of Logy
  • List of Graphy
  • Form of Government
  • Form of Worship
  • Name of Scientific Instruments
  • Literary Words
  • Foreign Words and phrases

Part D: Practice M.C.Q. (50 Sets)

Download Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF

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Some tips to build up your vocabulary.

  • Read a lot. As an aspirant of competitive exams: You’ll be reading a lot of words without even having to try since you’ll be studying from books and articles. 
  • Watch several movies or TV shows every week. Just being exposed to the words, even if you don’t try to understand them all, will help you learn. 
  • Watch spelling bee competitions. They’re a lot of fun, and checking the spelling of words you don’t know in real time helps to build your vocabulary and improve your spelling. 
  • Look up words on your phone. It’s easier to look up words on your phone than in a dictionary, and you can do it while you’re on the go. 
  • Use flashcards. Flashcards will help you memorize words. Think of it like learning a foreign language. 
  • 6. Listen to TED talks. TED talks are filled with words you’d never encounter in a math or science class. 
  • Use a language app. If you’re looking for a more interactive way to learn, then a language app could be the way to go. The best ones will help you practice your spelling.
  • Don’t give up. It’ll take months or even years to build up your vocabulary if you’re serious about it, but you’

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